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How to find a job and employee by video?
Using the "I`m in" application


Registration and setup

We have simplified registration in the application through popular Google, IOS, Facebook and VKontakte accounts. After registration, set up your profile, providing some information about yourself. You can refine your search details in the next step when posting a video.

Video recording and search

Prepare and record videos with your smartphone's front camera. Review the result or post it. Go to your profile and click "Create Search Feed". In the generated feed, watch the video and enter your "I`m in" to select a vacancy or candidate.

Acceleration of search

In the future, we will add search acceleration capabilities to the application, which can be activated with an "I`m in coin".

It is important to note that the search for a job or a specialist in our application will forever remain free after adding the named possibilities.


Launch and setup

The application is available on popular mobile operating systems. Download from Google Play or Download from App Store.

When entering, select one of the roles - Job Seeker or Employer.Before starting a search by video, set up your Profile in the Application Settings section.

Video recording


Then upload a video or shoot your resume to your smartphone front camera from the app. To do this, click the center button of the bottom menu of the application. After recording a video, to form a personal search feed, go to Profile and click on the button under the video. Success.

"I`m in" :  Search

​To find a suitable vacancy or resume, scroll through the feed and click the IMIN icon on the offers that suit you. After your positive evaluation of the video, the IMIN icon changes color by half.

If your preferences coincide with the preferences of other users, then the IMIN icon will completely change color and you will be able to chat in a chat where you can discuss all the details of employment.

Share your videos on social networks or send a link to the video to employers or candidates.


"I`m in" app has two scenarios for creating a video  — you can shoot it from your smartphone or first create a video and then download it from the application.

In the second scenario, you can create more efficient resume and enhance it with our partners' tools.

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