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Job search by video in the mobile application "I`m in" for the candidate. Create video resume.


It is obvious that the video format is advantageous for positions that require self-presentation, communication, and negotiation skills. Salespersons, HR specialists, project managers, team leaders, consultants, teachers - video biography is the best format for you to show the maximum of your skills and present yourself. Don't forget that video is the most informative format and in a short time you can focus on your deep competencies if you are a programmer, designer or architect.



Create video resume

The key feature of our application is the creation of a video resume in which you can show all your strengths and share them on social networks. Make Iming the focal point of your professional video content.

Start your job search

It's easy to start your job search - shoot or upload a video resume and the app will generate a search feed containing jobs that match your expectations. Choose the vacancies that suit you with one click.

Chat with the HR

The application has the ability to communicate. If your employer is interested in your video resume, you can chat with him in the messenger. Discuss meeting details or working conditions right in the application.


Uniqueness of personality

The main disadvantage of ordinary resumes is that employers do not see real people behind them - there is a list of skills, abilities, a list of past jobs and a photograph. From this data, it is difficult to see the identity of the candidate.

Expressive format

With the help of video format, in a short time you can draw the employer's attention to your strengths, necessary for an open position, and show your communication skills, manner of speech and ability to present yourself.

Everything in 60 seconds

In addition to helping create a first positive impression through emotion and speech, videos are the most informative content and in one minute you can tell your entire success story, experience, skills and competencies in detail.

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